Exotic States sets out to create virtual instruments for a new generation of cinematic music.

Created by composer Jeremiah Pena in 2016, Exotic States builds powerful and unique sample libraries for working composers and producers. We find inspiration in playing old instruments in unique ways, creating unusual sounds from everyday objects, and transforming them into usable virtual instruments.

We love artists like Jon Hopkins, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Fram, Daughter, and Sigur Ros. Their ambient sound and film scores heavily impact the tone of our libraries.

Jeremiah Pena's first library was Photosynthesis Vol 1 - Sphere, released in July of 2015. After releasing two more volumes, he formed Exotic States for future Photosynthesis libraries as well as new sampling ventures. 

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“Exotic States libraries are superb. I often use them in my music. There’s a real organic beauty to these libraries that is hard to come by in other libraries. Highly recommended!”
— Rhian Sheehan

Composer for: Top Gear (UK), We Are Stars (3D Planetarium show), We Are Astronomers (3D Planetarium show), Back To The Moon For Good (Planetarium show)